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Our story


A Good Messy...

We started Calhoun's Country Smoke in November of 2020. During the pandemic, my smoked brisket, ribs, chicken, and sides became a staple in my household. I found comfort and joy in cooking for my family and the community. It turned into a way for me to interact with others and bring a little bit of happiness during a challenging time.

Like many others, my home and work became intertwined. Despite the fact that I adore teaching,

I began developing new recipes and methods, even launching a side catering business. For me, cooking evolved into a therapeutic activity and business. Since then, Calhoun's Country Smoke has both supported and benefited from communities across the country!

As we did in the beginning, our main goal is to serve good food that brings families together and encourages conversation and socializing. If we can do that, we've done what God has asked us to do, which is TO BE A BLESSING TO SOMEONE ELSE. We thank you, and we're glad you did business with us.